UTCS Programs

A learning continuum crafted for the developing child

Creative Development

Every day our classrooms participate in a variety of developmentally focused learning activities geared to the children’s interests. Through games, music, art, dance, cooking, reading, play, and more our children learn concepts including math, science, art, and language as well as important skills of self-responsibility.

Outdoor Learning

Consistent with our Pacific Northwest values, UTCS children spend several hours outside each day, whether on our beautiful play yard, in our P-patch, or out and about beyond the bounds of our school. The kids really love exploring our amazing community! Students of all ages go on regular outings to our local fire station, the UW campus and planetarium, the Burke Museum, Uwajimaya, community splash parks and playgrounds, and many other wonderful locations inspired by their interests.

Purposeful Mealtimes

Lunch at UTCS is a rich learning time when children and teachers share experiences and learn from one another through family-style dining. We normally have delicious and healthy, culturally-interesting catered lunches, with vegetarian and allergen-free options. During Covid we are asking parents to provide their children’s lunches for obvious safety reasons.

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