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Our UTCS teachers and staff are education professionals, passionate about early childhood development and committed to nurturing each and every child in their care. They are independently accredited and participate in on-going professional development training. Scroll down and check out their bios - you'll see why kids and parents love 'em!

Meet Our Amazing Staff

Christine Grigg

Business Manager

I have spent most of my life in the Seattle area, after a brief start in California. I love the beauty that surrounds us here – the mountains, water, trees, etc. I always say that you haven’t really seen Seattle until you see it on a clear blue-sky day! Children have been in my heart from my earliest memories. I started babysitting at age 9, and I’ve never had a time in my life where children weren’t a joy and focus of my time and energy. I worked as a nanny and teacher for about 20 years and I still have contact with some of my kiddos who are adults already! Aside from children, my great loves in life are spending time with family and friends, music, theatre, my church community, anywhere I can see the water, and books. I love learning and I’m always curious to know more. I’ve moved from direct childcare to tap into my administrative skills and handle the business side of things. It’s such a great combination to still be in the company of children while I’m in the office. Even though I’m not always a part of the action, my favorite part of my job is building meaningful relationships, and I look forward to getting to know you and your family. I am so blessed to be a part of such a great community of teachers and parents who truly are nurturing the next generation. We have a part in raising children who are confident, thoughtful and compassionate learners who know how to communicate and respect others. What better way to send them off into the world?

Shelly McGrew


Summer Camp

Greetings UTCS community my name is Shelly McGrew. I am from the coast of Washington State and have lived the majority of my life around the state of Washington. With the exception of the past ten years I have been teaching and learning in Mexico, and working internationally as an artist with children ages 5-12,. Before venturing to Mexico I mostly worked in pre-school education and also as a family guide in the Seattle area. I hold a diploma in Montessori education, Casa de Niños, ages 3-6. I am focused on living a sustainable and holistic existence and very much enjoy sharing knowledge based on personal experiences. I strive to provide the important tools children need to become sustainable problem solvers. I am passionate about the protection of and engaging in our natural world in an empathetic and sustainable manner, I feel the natural world around and beyond us is our most potent educator. It is my personal nature to support and hold space for children in any given environment and situation, though in most cases I choose the outdoors over indoors. When witnessing a mindfully engaged and present child in the natural world, I am reminded that I am doing important work. Aside from working with children, I enjoy working with the complete family unit, guiding in holistic nutrition and artful presence. It is my hope that children hold onto their love for nature and never forget the magical yet tangible real experience that only raw nature can provide in so many precious ways!