Two preschool boys playing on the floor of their classroom


Purposeful play

2.5-3.5 years

The Otter Room is our take on the preschool classroom. In the Otter Room we are dedicated to cultivating self-sufficiency, independent conflict resolution skills and curiosity in our 3-4 year-old children through play. We equip our young people with these skills through intentional, group play, allowing the children to guide the activity according to their interests. We encourage the children to take personal responsibility for themselves and their actions, and we value and nurture qualities of kindness, curiosity, individuality, respect, and honesty.

We pay great attention to providing a safe, warm and consistent environment that the children can easily navigate independently. The Otter classroom is organized into seven specific activity areas: sensory, science/numeracy, drama, large motor skills, small manipulative skills, literacy and art.  In each of the areas, and in the ways they connect and overlap, the children explore their abilities alongside their peers while educators scaffold and expand their experience.

Our children leave the Otter Room as empowered individuals, with excellent communication and problem-solving skills. They are fully equipped to navigate their world independently and approach new experiences with inquisitive confidence.


Where good beginnings never end...

Preschool kids pretending to cook something in class